School Dress Code

It is expected that all children will wear school uniform.


This will consist of –           Sweatshirt (Navy)

                                        Trousers/Skirt/Culottes (Dark)

                                        Polo shirt/Shirt/Blouse (White or Navy)

                                        Dark Shoes (Not trainers)


Sweatshirts and polo shirts are available to order – details from the office. The school blazer is navy and the school tie is navy/white. Both are optional items of dress.


Children in P7 wear a red sweatshirt to distinguish them from the other children.


As part of our school dress code, football colours are not allowed in school.


For Physical Education (PE), pupils will require gym shoes, shorts and a suitable top. Please note that for medical reasons, pupils are not allowed to go barefoot, nor may soft-soled shoes be worn if they have been worn outside. For safety reasons, items of jewellery should be removed, especially hoop earrings. For hygiene reasons it is important that children have a change of clothes for P.E. and do not wear the same set of clothes all day. House P.E. T-Shirts are available to order from the school office.