Rights Respecting Schools

The United Nations (UN) is a gathering of 192 countries. It was set up after World War II to bring about a peaceful and fair world. The countries meet in the General Assembly, which is the closest thing to a world parliament. The countries of the UN have written conventions which say what they agree to do to make the world peaceful and fair. A convention is a collection of rules or things that should be done. One of the most important UN Conventions is about

Children’s rights.

Even though they use the word child the rights in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) belong to everyone up to the age of 18. The UNCRC has 54 parts which are called articles.

The United Kingdom has signed the UNCRC which means that in all the countries of the UK, including Scotland, children and young people should have the rights that have been promised.

Rights are about making sure people are treated well and get a fair deal. They set out the sorts of things that must be put in place for this to happen. Everybody has these rights, and everybody should respect the rights of other people. We all have responsibilities to do that. That’s how you get a safe and happy society.

Each class has their own Charter which they have signed and agreed to follow. We are promoting that every child in our school has the right to come to our school and be safe, happy and have the right to learn.

We are working towards our Re-accreditation of our Gold Rights Respecting School Award.