Visible Learning

   What is Visible Learning?

Visible Learning is an approach to learning & teaching. It is based upon a large amount of evidence from New Zealand born researcher John Hattie. He was interested in the factors which impact positively upon teaching & learning and in turn, the factors which raise attainment. Here are some of the key ideas from the Visible Learning research:

  • The whole school community should have a shared language of learning
  • Learners should be at the centre of a Visible Learning approach surrounded by inspired & passionate teachers
  • When learning is made ‘visible’ (teachers know what they are teaching and learners know what they are learning), achievement increases
  • A visible learning approach supports pupils to become assessment capable learners who know where they are in their learning, where they are going next and how they are going to get there
  • Effective feedback is crucial – it should be personal for each child and ‘just in time’
  • The greatest effects on learning come when pupils are their own teachers and when teachers are learners


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