Family Learning and Early Years Centre

The Council approved papers in September and December 2014 outlining Midlothian Council’s obligations under the Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014, in relation to providing 600 hours Early Learning and Childcare to certain 2 year olds and to all 3 and 4 year olds.
Quality experiences in the early years of a child’s life are key to their learning and development and set the foundations for future positive outcomes.
Midlothian Council’s Early Learning and Childcare ambition is to establish integrated Family Learning Centres in the 3 key priority areas. The vision is to build on existing capacity and maximise existing estate by building / adapting where required.
Woodburn Family Learning Centre will have a multi agency approach, bringing together our key partners in Midlothian Surestart, Speech and Language Therapy, Early Learning and Childcare, Children’s Services and Health. This will enable families to access a team which could support their child, under one roof and firmly rooted in their local community. This would promote a strengths based model that would engage parents in their children’s learning which has a strong evidence base to deliver long term outcomes and positive destinations.
We have had tremendous multi agency support and enthusiasm to take this vision into reality and we are well on our way to planning for a February opening.
Jacky Gillan – Early Years Team Leader

Working in partnership to support families in Midlothian

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