ELC – Key Dates

  • The Council approved papers in September and December 2014 outlining Midlothian Council’s obligations under the Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014, in relation to providing 600 hours Early Learning and Childcare to certain 2 year olds and to all 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Staff visited Pen Green Centre – 01st – 2nd October 2015
  • Pen Green information sharing with Midlothian Sure Start – 29th October 2015.
  • Midlothian Sure Start Staff visited Woodburn Nursery class – 16th November 2015
  • Woodburn Nursery staff visited Midlothian Sure Start Hand In Hand – Week of 23rd November 2015
  • Building works started 30th November 2015
  • Joint training with Woodburn Primary and Midlothian Sure Start – 16th January 2016.
  • Proposed move for Midlothian Sure Start to move into premises 15th February 2016.

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