WPS Parent Council AGM

WPS Parent Council (Parent Partnership) AGM will be held on Wednesday the 12th September 2019. The meeting will take place in the school and start at 18:45. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.


• Parent Council Report 2017/2018 – Jaclyn Morrant

• Treasurer Report 2017/2018 – Gillian Taylor

• Head Teacher Report – Joanna Taylor

• Election of office bearers for 2018/2019 term

• Questions from attendees.

Anyone wishing more information on the Office Bearers positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer or Secretary) please contact either the school directly or Laura Saunders. laura@hijobs.net everyone is welcome to put themselves forward for positions.

Free School Meals Research Questionnaire



Identifying facilitators and barriers to the registration and uptake of free school meals in Midlothian’s primary schools’

* This project was commissioned by Midlothian Council (Communities Team) through NUS Dissertations for Good, including research to be conducted at a Midlothian primary school in one of the targeted areas and an online survey with parents of Midlothian’s Primary School children.

* The goal of this dissertation is to work with stakeholders such as pupils, parents, teachers, and head teachers to identify facilitators and barriers to the registration and uptake of FSM.

* This survey would contribute to the summary and recommendations which would support the increase in numbers of Midlothian parents registration for free school meals, so that schools receive the most appropriate amount of PEF possible